Common Grammar Errors

1) Mistakes in Apostrophe Usage

Apostrophe is utilized to show ownership. Many individuals utilize an Apostrophe to frame the plural of a word, especially if the words being referred to close in a vowel, which may make the word look abnormal with an S added to make it plural. In any case, you don’t utilize an Apostrophe after a possessive pronoun, for example, my, mine, our, our own, his, hers, their, or theirs. For instance:

Inaccurate: My Grandmas home is beside his’ home.

Right: My Grandma’s home is beside his home.

Inaccurate: Its a sunny day in June.

Right: It’s a sunny day in June.

2) for and Since

It’s a most common confusion between for and Since. These 2 types of preposition are used for time.

For used to signify a Period of time.

For Instance:

I have been living here for 5 Years.

Since used to signify a Point of time.

For Instance:

I have been living here since 1999.

3) Your and You’re

This common mistake between your and you’re  done by us because we think you’re is same as your.


  • Your indicates something belongs to you.
  • You’re a short form of you are.


  • Your so pretty.
  • Where is you’re book?
  • Where is you’re residence?


  • You’re so pretty.
  • Where is your book?
  • Where is your residence?

4) Fewer or Less

We commonly do mistake between fewer and less.


Fewer used for countable things.

Less is used for uncountable things like water.


  1. Fewer people are standing here.
  2. Less water in the pot.

5) Than and Then

We do very common mistake between Than and Then because both of them sounds same.


Than used for Comparison

Then used to show step by step instruction


Brown Bread is better than white bread.

I’ll go first there then to your place.

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Deadly accurate answer. You’ve hit the busyelle!