Future Tense

The future tense portrays a Future occasion or a condition of being.

Simple Future Tense

Rule: Subject + will /shall + Verb Ist form + Object

a) To precise an action will take place in future.

e.g. I shall receive his book.

b) To precise what we think or believe that will happen in the future.

e.g. I think India will win the toss.

Future Continuous Tense

Rule: Subject+ will/shall + be + Verb Ist form+ ing + Object

a) To precise an action that will going on in near future. For instance:

e.g. It will be getting darker.

Future Perfect Tense

Rule: Subject+ will have + Verb IIIrd form + Object

a) It is used to precise an action that will completed at some point in future.

e.g. I will have finished the meal.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Rule: Subject+ will have +been +Verb Ist form+ ing + Object + time reference

a) To precise an action that began & continued up to some point in the future and will completed at some definite time in future time.

e.g. He will have been writing a novel for two months.

For Practice

Fill ups:

  1. He (go) ___________ to Canada on vacation.
  2. I (visit) ______________ bunches of intriguing spots.
  3. We (see) ____________ some beautiful flowers.
  4. He (have) ___________ lunch with us tomorrow.
  5. Test Matches (start)________from next Sunday.
  6. He (be study)_____________ at 4o’clock tomorrow.
  7. She (teach) ____________ english for two years.
  8. Our school (open) __________ on 1st
  9. Liam (finish)__________ 4 chapters of new book.
  10. Train (arrive) __________in 2 minutes.


  1. Will go
  2. Shall visit
  3. Will see
  4. Will have
  5. Will be starting
  6. Will be studying
  7. Will have been teaching
  8. Will open
  9. Will have finished
  10. Will be arriving

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