Information Technology (IT) Interview Questions

After study, the toughest stage is how to crack an interview. Going for a job interview make us feel like we are back in school examination. In interview, our job is to show our hidden talent and convince a recruiter that we have a required talent. We have limited time to provide true representation of our skills, experience and knowledge to recruiters. One of the most familiar mistakes done by candidate is over explaining, not every answers required 10 minutes speech, for that we need preparation to self-awareness and to respond to question in concise way.

To answers in concise, we need a unique platform that provide customize and unique point to point answers and the name of that platform is Coding Tag which provide clear, valid and right answers that recruiter wants. When we are interviewing for an IT Sector, additionally to basic interview questions, you will be asked for specific technical questions about your certifications, languages, tools and your education.

Coding Tag is easy learning and well organized  platform that provide all the concise and valid code about all the latest scripting language like HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTAP3, Core PHP, Advanced PHP, Android, Digital Marketing and Top 50 interview questions. Coding Tag contains all the tutorials of latest and advance scripting languages and helps the people to improve their coding skills, boost confidence and changed the thinking attitude towards the complexity of designing code and reduces the stress and anxiety before interview.

Coding Tag is a unique platform that provides top interview questions asked by recruiter. Candidate should be aware in their mind that interviewers are not only interested in technical skill, but also the approaches, thought process and demonstration skills used in problem solving. Coding Tag help to learn the effective problem solving techniques that help the candidate to face the challenges in their projects. Coding tag helps in providing relevant details that splash the interviewers how and why you are eligible for the specific job.

Coding Tag is specially designed to learn various scripting languages from scratch. Coding Tag provide tutorials that give you enough knowledge and concepts from where you can take yourself to above levels of expertise.

Why Coding Tag?

  1. It provide concise answers that recruiter want.
  2. In developing problem-solving and self learning Capabilities
  3. Build progressive language learning platform with most having Script features
  4. It provides individual and unique learning experience.
  5. Improve attitude towards learning coding
  6. Move fast on the learning track
  7. Encourage self directed learning
  8. Improve self-awareness and confidence
  9. Helps to overcome learning difficulty.
  10. It provides customized and interactive learning.
  11. Help to understand the basics-to-advanced concepts