Overview C++

C++ is regarded as high level, compiled, case-sensitive and general-purpose programming language that was developed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is the improvement of c language and was initially named as c with classes but from 1983 it was renamed as C++ language that supports generic, object-oriented and procedural language that is made up of combined features of other low level and high-level languages.
C++ is considered as the superset of C programming language and is compatible with different platforms such Mac OS, Windows and another version of UNIX.


History of C++

The computational capacity and program complexity of computers were increasing years by year. The programs were also becoming larger and larger, management becomes difficult with C language, Bjarne Stroustrup and his team start working on adding features on c programming language and added a lot of interesting features.

The most important feature is “object-oriented concepts influence by Simula 67” and created the new language “C with classes” The object-oriented language containing a totally opposite approach as in c programming language. Since it is an improvement over c language, it is later known as “C++” where ++ is the incremental operator.

Feature of C++

  • Syntax-based language
  • Fast and efficient
  • Portability
  • Compiler-based language
  • Efficient use of pointers
  • Platform independent
  • Ease to use
  • Case sensitivity
  • Extensible
  • Rich library of inbuilt functions

C++ can be used in a wide variety of domains for creating different applications; that is why it is known as “General purpose language“. As we have divided languages into three parts: low level i.e. Enable directly interaction with the machine.

The high level that allows us to write code in the human-readable language and offer built-in functions and middle-level languages which offer the features of both high level and low-level languages, C++ comes in middle-level language.

The code written in c language is much similar to human readable code it needs to be converted into machine level code where the compiler is used. Since C++ use the compiler is known as compiler based language.


  • The codes of C++ run efficiently.
  • The C++ programming is simple and fast.
  • C++ is the best platform to learn the object-oriented
  • The knowledge of C++ will make it easy for the learners to learn other advance languages like C#, Java


  • Games
  • GUI applications
  • Photoshop and various editing software
  • Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox contain the major part of C++ code.
  • Compiler
  • Simulation software

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