Difference between C and C++


What is Difference between C and C++ Language ?

C is a Procedural Programming LanguageC++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language
Operator overloading is not possible in COperator Overloading function finely possible in C++
Top down approach follows in C languageBottom up approach follows in C++
C is middle level languageC++ is high level language
C programs saved as .c extensionC++ programs saved as .cpp extension
Function scanf() & printf() for standard input & outputFunction cin>> & cout<< for standard input & output
C is not support to exception handling directoryC++ support to exception handling by using try & catch block
Namespace feature is not presentNamespace feature is present
Mapping between Data & Function is difficultMapping between Data & Function can be used by use of Objects
Multiple Declaration of global variables allowMultiple Declaration of global variables is not allow
Variables should be defined at the beginning in functionVariables can be defined anywhere in function

C Programs can be compiled in C++ Compiler. C++ expressions are the same as C expressions. All C operators are valid in C++.

C programming language was developed by Dennis M. Ritchie in 1972 and in 1980 new language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup is known as C++. These both languages are very important to become a good developer. After this languages you can easily learn and taggle PHP, .net etc.


School Software, Billing Software etc develop in C++ and its very helpful for save the time. For any kind of question you can feel free contact to us through below comment box.


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