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CSS Introduction


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is a style language that defines the layout of HTML documents. CSS is used for formatting structured content.

CSS is commonly known as a design language.

CSS is used for the look and feel of a web page. It is easy to learn and understand.

Why CSS (Cascading Style Sheet):

  • CSS saves time: You can compose CSS once and reuse the same sheet in numerous HTML pages.
  • Simple Maintenance: To roll out a worldwide improvement basically change the style, and all components in all the site pages will be refreshed naturally.
  • Search Engines: CSS is considered as a spotless coding system, which means web crawlers won't need to battle to "read" its substance.
  • Better styles than HTML: CSS has a lot more extensive cluster of qualities than HTML, so you can give a much better look to your HTML page in contrast with HTML traits.
  • Disconnected Browsing: CSS can store web applications locally with the assistance of disconnected catche. Using this we can see disconnected sites.

There are three types of CSS Styles:

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