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by Yogesh Khanna 24-Feb-18

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HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language, it is not a programming language. HTML is standard Markup Language to create HTML Web Pages. It's describe the structure of web pages with the use of Mark Up. It can be as difficult or as easy as the web developer wants it to be. The HTML document is written in the plain text file or editor and saved with .htm or .html extension.

The HTML file consists of small markup tags, it starts with a start tag and close with an end tag. The whole content of html file enclosed with the start and end tag. You can see the below example, it is a simple HTML document to print the text in a web page.


<!DOCTYPE html>

<title> Sample Page of HTML Format </title>


<h1> My First Heading </h1>
<h1> My Second Heading </h1>

<p> My first paragraph. </p>


* The <html> element is root element of HTML web page
* The <head> element contains meta information
* The <title> element specifies title for document
* The <body> element contains visible page content
* The <h1> element defines heading
* The <p> element defines paragraph

HTML Supports all browsers and browsers i.e. IE, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox - responsibility to read HTML Code and display the result.

<!DOCTYPE> represents document type and helps browsers to display web pages properly.


<title> Welcome Page </title>


Hello Friends, This is my welcome page.


With the above example, you can start your practice and easily understand the concepts of HTML. A beginner can just type all the above code in any editor or notepad and save with .html extension, then run this file in a web browser. And you can see a web page with the title "Welcome Page" and text "Hello Friends, This is my welcome page."

Generally, HTML supports to all web browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So, you can create these kinds of small program to be perfect in HTML. It is the nicest and easiest way to learn HTML and understand the tags and syntax of it.

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