China Telecom introduces eSurfing Cloud at Digital China Summit 2023

China Telecom introduces eSurfing Cloud at Digital China Summit 2023

by Sayani

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eSurfing Cloud has several cloud capabilities and resources. Mr Ke Ruiwen, Executive Director, Chairman, and CEO of China Telecom, and Mr Shao Guanglu, Executive Director, President, and COO, highlighted the latest eSurfing Cloud accomplishments. eSurfing Cloud helped China Telecom achieve its "Cloudification and Digital Transformation" goals.

eSurfing Cloud serves over two million customers with over nine public cloud nodes, 30 self-owned edge cloud nodes, and over 200 CDN nodes across Asia-Pacific and beyond. 

eSurfing Cloud offers Cloud Container Engines, Cloud Exchange, Cloud Storage, Cloud Servers, Cloud Migration, and Virtual Private Cloud to ensure the smooth and coordinated delivery of comprehensive and adaptable solutions.

These solutions aim to meet clients' changing needs to maximise their digital competitive advantage.

Belt and Road Project of China

eSurfing Cloud showcased its significant accomplishments and how industries may benefit from deploying its cloud network resources under the "9+30+X+N" strategy in China and worldwide at the event.

eSurfing Cloud promises to understand company leaders' needs for digital infrastructure and Belt and Road development. They are expanding globally and exploring new opportunities. They provide sophisticated technology and strategically move infrastructure to the cloud.

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eSurfing Cloud will continue to deliver robust and trustworthy cloud-network infrastructure to numerous sectors, giving clients competitive advantages via vast global cloud-network resources and diverse technologies.

We will create a competitive digital environment and drive sustainable growth for society and the economy.

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