Top Programming Languages in 2019 || Top 5 Programming Languages

Top Programming Languages in 2019


After B.Tech, the majority of students are confused about their future. It is a common question on their mind which programming language they choose for the beginning of their long-term future. There are hundreds of options available. Which language will be the right option for a strong foundation is a challenging task.

We will discuss Top programming languages of 2019 in this article, beneficial for the beginners of the coding world, so that they can easily differentiate which one goes well for them, suitable for their talent and future.

This article is specially designed for the solutions of below-mentioned questions:

  • Which programming language is right for a startup?
  • Which programming language is the best career option for Non-Technical students?
  • Which language is best for the beginner, who wants to learn how to code?

Students are very curious about getting answers to the above-mentioned questions. They want the exact benefits and scope of each programming language listed on the top as it is the question of their future. In this article, they will get entire relevant knowledge of what are the future scopes of trending programming languages, its challenges, and importance. The main objective of us is to widen the coding and general knowledge of programming language by showing some of the major highlights of each language.

We are exploring the compiled list of some top programming languages. Let's walk through the list mentioned below:

1. Python

Let's start with a python programming language as it comes in trending and preferable language acts as the hot career option for the beginners across the world.

Python is the most rapidly growing programming language which has revealed a promising future scope by serving continuously to major trending domains of IT industries such as Web development, Application development, GIS, System administration and many more.

Now the question is

  • Is python beneficial for freshers?

Yes of course, because it is simple to learn that even a non-technical person can start learning python language from scratch and become expertise on it. Only required the right attitude, training and problem-solving skills for fast learning. They can start learning python with basic conceptual topics like variable and loops before going for advanced level concepts i.e. tuple, dictionary, immutable types, classes, and object creation through exception handlers. The strong interactive knowledge about python can generate lucrative career options. As a fresher, python developers can easily get a starting salary package of 3-5 lakhs per annum.

  • Why python is Growing?
  • It is beating conventional programming languages like C, C++ and Java with its outstanding features and numerous advantages
  • High salary raise and popularity
  • Its integration on trending areas like Data Science, Web Development, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, and Big Data
  • Its Testing Abilities, Portability, and Simplicity
  • It Permits Diversity in terms of career options
  • Reduce coding efforts

  • Related Tutorial: Learn Python for Beginners

    • Salary scale of Python Developer

    According to the salary scale report, there appears a steady rise in python salaries in comparison to other programming languages such as C++, Java or C.

    The initial pay scale of Python developer can be 3.5-20Lpa. Moreover, a senior python developer can earn up to $109,280 per year.

    The average salary of python developer depends upon the experience and specific profiles. These can be assumed through mentioned approximations:

    Salary Approximation
    Up to 450$ per month
    1-2 Years
    450$ to 1000$ per month
    3-4 Years
    1000$ to 1500$ per month
    5-8 Years
    1850$ to 4000$ per month
    • How python can boost the salaries of experienced hires?

    Experienced hires required re-training for the better-career opportunities in python.

    Usually, MNC gives priorities to the certified python programmers including good analytical skills for a profile such as Data Analytics. Experienced hires must have strong knowledge about advanced python concepts for getting a quick glance before interviewer. If they have well-versed in JB, this can become plus point for them to use strong typing attributes of pythons and implementing duck typing and dynamic typing.

    If students have scientific and numerical solving skills they can easily grab a lucrative career option in python programming.

    As Top US and Indian companies have a great demand for python skilled athletes with multi-core programming skill sets so that they can easily solve scientific-problems, write concurrent algorithms and analyses numerical module. It is recommended to the experienced developer to switch towards python language to boost their salary package. Python developer can easily switch towards another profile like a data scientist. With Python programming, one can earn from home too

    • How?
    • Through Freelancing python projects

      With python language, One can get its bright future by applying the following profiles:

    • Data Scientist
    • Software Engineer
    • Software Developer
    • Data Analyst
    • Senior Software Developer
    • DevOps Engineer
    • Network Server
    • Machine Learning


    If we follow the index list of Stack flow, JavaScript was highly in demand as it is a front-end programming language, more than 60 percent of the developer preferred JS to design interactive web applications and content display.

    The demand of the JS is rapidly increasing in front-end as well as back-end development. One can easily develop an outstanding games, IOT, Server and client-side scripts via JS but there is a need to learn few another language along with JS to proper utilize its importance.

    But through stack flow we cannot clearly judge JS demands, there is need to go through other criteria also such as Market trends, how easily and quickly you can earn money through it and salary scale.

    • Marketing trends of JavaScript:

    JavaScript is dominating the market whether it is on the mobile field or on others domain such as web development, frameworks, and back-end.

    Recently it has been entered on the world of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence which are trending now.

    After learning JavaScript one can easily do the mentioned career options and earn money

    • Design desktop applications
    • You can easily get started on front-end framework i.e. AngularJS
    • JS NODE for real-time messaging and notifications
    • Testing tools
    • Build their own portfolio site
    • Do freelancing projects
    • Career Opportunities for JavaScript in India with Average pay scale
    Average Salary
    Front End Developers
    6000$ to 65000$ per annum
    UX Designer
    8800$ per annum
    Web Designer
    3500$ to 4500$ per annum
    JavaScript Developer
    6300$ per annum
    Full Slack Developer
    7250$ per annum
    Web Application Developer
    4200$ per annum
    Machine Learning
    11300$ per annum
    DevOps Developer
    1000$ per annum

    3. GO

    Golang is most rapidly growing language developed by Google. It is identical with a python programming language with more advanced features and efficiency. It is an explicit language proposed for problem solving, long-term maintainability. Go provides the combination of both functional and OOPs aspect for creating multi-core applications with in-built concurrency support.

    In the IT world, the popularity of Go is increasing day by day because of pragmatic nature which permits the functioning of large-scale complex software's and reduces scalability problems.

    • Why Go Language?
    • Garbage collection which permits memory management and reduces memory leakage
    • Contain In-built concurrences which become plus points for network applications, web server, and many frameworks
    • On-requirement memory usage
    • Ensure high performance through threads
    • Secure communication with built-in primitives
    • Loosely-coupled cloud services
    • Boost throughput and latency

    • Career opportunities with Go Language
    • Data science
    • Back-end services and infrastructure
    • Real user monitoring and page view tracking systems
    • Back-end development
    • Game production
    • Cloud-based applications
    • Machine learning

    • Top companies implementing Go language:
    • BBC
    • Facebook
    • Basecamp
    • Novartis
    • Uber
    • IBM
    • Adobe
    • Bitbucket
    • DigitalOcean
    • Heroku

    Salary-scale of Go Developer: Approx. $95,000 per annum

    4. SWIFT

    Swift is on prominent demand in IT industries. Top companies including LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, Facebook are showing its interest in swift programming. It is an open-source, fast, secured and general purpose programming language created by Apple Inc. This language is applicable for iOS or Mac OS application.

    The freshers can have a rocking and long-term career in Swift iOS apps development. Because companies have a huge demand for skilled swift developers to design customized and interactive iOS applications as this language maintained a standandised level.

    It boosts careers opportunities for an experienced engineer too.

    • Why Swift
    • Clean and user-friendly syntax's
    • It provides error free code
    • After learning Swift language one can able to design iPhone/iPad applications
    • The demands of Swift is wider in the IT industry, One can easily earn by freelancing also
    • Does not contain lengthy code lines.
    • Average Salary Scale of Swift Developer: Approx. $65,000 - $113,000 per year
    • Career Opportunities of Swift language:

    Senior IOS swift Developers

    Swift IOS Developer

    5. C++

    C++ is not in the popularity chart because it is being covered by other languages and It is also considered as the oldest and academic language. According to the student, it is used for Games Development only. This creates confusion in their mind that "Should they learn C++ in 2019"?


    • Why?
    • It is still most underlying because trending frameworks make use of C++ as it is portable and compatible to Apple, Android, Windows, and iPhone's device.
    • It is half truth about C++ that it is only used for games development.
    • Nowadays, C++ is also used in developing modern frameworks due to its versatility.
    • If you have a deep understanding of entire concepts of C++ it can definitely help you in learning another trending language easily.
    • Huge Demands for a C++ developer.

    Learn C++ Programming Languages

    • Career Opportunities for C++ expertise
    • C++ Developer is on huge Demand in IT sectors. There are more than 30k job counts found in every year. Since C++ is an object oriented and more versalite language used for developing software, embedding system, computer hardware, virtual reality applications, video Games, windows and linux applications. If anyone wants to go for system programming profile, C++ is the best option for him.

    • Pay scale of C++ Developer: Earn more than $90,000 per annum

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