What is C Language

What is C Language


What is C Language - Introduction of C

C is a procedural language that provides support for Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS).

C is a general-purpose programming language, that is used for compiling many modern programming languages.

C is one of the oldest and first programming language.

C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972.

It is closely associated with the UNIX system.

C provides a variety of data types.

C has 32 keywords. It is a relatively low language.

C is Fast, Efficient, and Easy to Learn making it a popular choice for many applications.

Main Features of C 

1General purpose language

2Fast and efficient language

3Easy to learn




Structure of C Program

// Comments: Comments in C are text annotations used to explain code, improve readability, and make it easier for developers to understand the purpose of specific sections or individual lines of code.

 #include<stdio.h>: The program starts with preprocessor directive #include<stdio.h>, which includes a standard input-output library for input and output operation.

 #define: #define in C language is a preprocessor directive used to define symbolic constants or macros, allowing for easy substitution of text throughout the code.

main(): The main function serves as the entry point of the program and contains the executable code.

printf(): Inside the main function, there is a printf() function call that prints "Hello World" to the console.

return 0: Finally, the return 0, statement indicates the successful termination of the program.

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