Windows Shortcut Keys

Windows Shortcut Keys

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Windows Shortcut Keys and their functions are designed to make your work more effective and efficient. Take advantage of these useful window computer keyboard shortcut to make your work easier and faster.

Windows Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Key


Window KeyOpen Start Menu
Window Key + AAction Centre
Window Key + BSet focus into Notification Bar
Window Key + C
Open Charms Menu
Window Key + D
Display / Hide Desktop
Window Key + E
Open Explorer
Window Key + FOpen Feedback Hub
Window Key + GOpen Game Bar
Window Key + HStart Dictation
Window Key + I
Window Key + K
Open Connect Quick Action
Window Key + L
Lock your PC
Window Key + M
Minimize all Windows
Window Key + OLock Device Orientation
Window Key + P
Presentation Display Mode
Window Key + Q
Quick Searches
Window Key + R
Open Run Menu
Window Key + S
Window Key + Tab
Select Apps on Taskbar
Window Key + U
Window Key + V
Clipboard History
Window Key + X
Open Quick Link Menu
Window Key + F1
Help & Support
Window Key + Tab
Open Task View
Window Key + + (Plus Sign)
Zoom IN
Window Key + - (Minus Sign)
Zoom OUT
Window Key + Esc
Exit Magnifier
Window Key + (Number Key)
Display Opened Program (Sequence wise) as per numeric value
Alt + Left ArrowBack
Alt + Right ArrowForward
Alt + TabSwitch to another program
Alt + F4Close Active Program or Shut Down
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task Manager
Ctrl + EscOpen Start Menu
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + CCopy Selected File / Folder
Ctrl + D
Deleted Selected File / Folder
Ctrl + VPaste Copied File / Folder
Ctrl + XCut Selected File / Folder
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + ZUndo
PrtScnScreenshot of Whole Screen
EscExit from Current Task
Shift + F10Open Shortcut Menu for Selected Item
F1Open Help Menu for Current Program
F2Rename the Selected File / Folder
F3Search File / Folder
F4Display the Address Bar List in File Explorer

We hope Windows shortcut commands helpful to you to make your work more effective and efficient.

We would like to listen to your suggestions and kindly check for regular updates.

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