DartPoints Acquires Louisiana-based Data Center Provider Venyu

DartPoints Acquires Louisiana-based Data Center Provider Venyu

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In a move that brings together two regional specialists, data center operator DartPoints has acquired Venyu of Louisiana. DartPoints, headquartered in Dallas, is increasing its portfolio to include 11 data centers and 20 M.W.s of electricity in 10 different U.S. locations.

A Tier III-certified, 87,000 square foot (8,080 square meters) facility in the former Selber Brothers department store building in Shreveport went live in 2016. Venyu now maintains two data centers in Baton Rouge. BTR2 opened in 2014 at the Bon CarrĂ© Business Park and had a data hall totaling 7,300 square feet (680 square meters). 

Because "their focus and strength in delivering an exceptional customer experience combined with state-of-the-art, redundant infrastructure aligns with ours," Willis said, "it was a natural fit with Venyu."

According to the company's CEO, "DartPoints is set up for continued accelerated growth thanks to the expanded geographical reach and the expertise that the Venyu team brings."

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Originally established in 2001 as a Network Technology Group, AmeriVault was acquired in 2009 to become what is now known as Venyu. In 2013, it was acquired by Eatel Corp (now known as REV), a local supplier of T.V., phone, and Internet services.

"Today marks the beginning of a terrific new chapter for Venyu," stated Josh Descant, CEO of REV, the previous parent company of Venyu. "By becoming a part of the DartPoints team, Venyu will be able to maintain its customer-focused objective to source, build, and manage whole I.T. ecosystems while also benefiting from DartPoints' improved infrastructure and expanded talent pool.

Customers, markets, and workers will reap further benefits from the synergies created by the merged organization for years to come.

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