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AJAX Tutorial


AJAX is the most trending front-end asynchronous technology that permits interaction with the back-end system without refreshing data. This technology is favorable for building numerous interactive websites including both single page and multi-page applications.

If you are familiar with web development languages such as CSS, PHP, XML, and JavaScript, Go for AJAX in-depth knowledge.

AJAX is probably one of the rapidly developing technologies to enhance performance and reducing the response time of the website. It allows a website to update asynchronously.

We have prepared a tutorial for AJAX which will cover all mandatory concepts related to AJAX along with the code, its demonstration, and examples.

This material will be beneficial for both beginner as well as the developer for getting detail knowledge on AJAX and how to integrate AJAX functionality with PHP code, jquery AJAX form submits and how to build interactive web applications.

Before learning AJAX, students must have knowledge of the following scripting languages:
JavaScript (JS)

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