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Node.js Tutorials for Beginners


Hey folks,

If you have been to the wonderland of web development and designing, you must have been familiar with the JavaScript and Node.js which is used to run the JavaScript files. Do you notice the events which are included in the webpage using JavaScript such as hover action, drop down, and so on? They look quite interesting, aren't they?

But do you know how these JavaScript codes are run and managed outside the server? We will find out in this tutorial with a focus on node.js concepts and its working.

Thus, before moving forward, let us first understand what node.js is:

Introduction to Node.js

Node.js can be defined as a free, open-source server environment that is built on the server-side of Chrome JavaScript, and extensively used for building large scale and effective applications.

Node.js can be run on different platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux, etc. and is generally used to provide the users with a platform on which they can execute the JavaScript.

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Functionality of Node.js

When the user wants to access the file content, the web servers read the file and provides the file content to the user. In the case of Node.js, the file for which the content is to be accessed is informed to the Computer system as a task request and then another request is handled.

Meanwhile, when the content is accessed by the web server, it is returned to the user. This way, Node.js provides and non-blocking programming to the users.

Features of Node.js

Due to a large number of efficient features provided by Node.js, it has become one of the most preferred programming by software architects.

Some of the major features of Node.js Include:

a) Node.js handles the request in a single-threaded, and event looping mechanism.

b) Due to the event looping mechanism and non-blocking response, Node.js is highly reliable and relatively fast.

c) As the J8 JavaScript Engine of Chrome is used to build Node.js, the execution of Node.js library is faster.

d) As the data in Node.js Application is executed in small chunks, it eliminates the buffering process while processing the video and audio files in Node.js Application.

e) Node.js possesses open source modules where a large number of capabilities can be added to the application.

f) Node.js runs on MIT License.

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