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Python Introduction


Python is one of the latest programming languages that contain a library of tools offering specific operations and functionalities and can be used on a server for building a web application.

It is a general purpose language developed in the late 1980s and was named after Monty Python. Created by Guido Van Rossum and it was first released in 1991.

Applications of python are increasing day by day as it is an open source language and one can effortlessly use it in various fields such as Machine learning, Data Analysis, Networking and Artificial Intelligence in which python language has it prime role.

Python can be used on a server to create web applications. Many big companies such as YouTube, Google, Quora have a requirement of python developer as it is very easy language resembles with our English language and can be implemented in various trending projects.

Learning python language is very easy, one can easily become python developer by learning from scratch, only there is need to follow each and every topic step by step and can confidently write in his resume that he is python developer.

Python Interview Questions

Coding Tag main objective is to extract all the requirement of the MNC company and students potential and then prepare an easy language tutorial for the student so that they can clear their basic concepts by performing each program live and become more confident. Let's start learning python language.

This Tutorial will cover all the Topics of Python language along with all suitable example and program. A student can very easily understand it because each concept is explained in a very simple and user-friendly way.

Our team used their every effective technique to make the student understand complex concept quickly.

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