Easy PHP Tutorial for Beginners and Experts

by Lalita 18-Nov-15

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PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development. It's free to download and easily can use. PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor.

PHP was developed by "Rasmus Lerdorf" and developed as Open Source and it is an open source technology.
                                                  Easy PHP Tutorial for Beginners and Experts

    To describe a php page we have to put file extension .php, or if you use any software like dreamweaver or notepad plus, they will auto create an extension of .php. PHP is powerful scripting language for develop a dynamic websites.
    A PHP script starts with <?php and ends with ?>:
    • PHP is totally free and ready to use.
    • PHP is server side scripting language.
    • PHP code execute on server only like Apache, IIS etc.
    • PHP extension ".php".
    • PHP is an amazing and powerful and popular language.
    • PHP result is returned on browser as plain HTML.
    • PHP can develop Dynamic Websites.
    • PHP can be used to control user-access.
    • PHP run on various platforms like Linux, Windows, Unix etc.
    • PHP almost all servers (Apache, IIS etc.)
    • PHP support on various databases.
    • PHP is easy to learn and use.
    • PHP can encrypt data.
    • PHP is a open source.
    • PHP is very secured language.

    Basic Example :

    echo "PHP Language";

    RESULT:   PHP Language

    Coding Tag provide tutorials on various topics including HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading style sheets), bootstrap tutorials and PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor).

    Hypertext Markup language is not a programming language, it is a standard markup language to create web pages for users. Mark Up is used to describe the structure of web pages. A web developer can make it easy or difficult. It's up to him or her.

    If you want to design the layout of HTML documents, CSS is used. It is commonly referred to as a design language. CSS is divided into three styles. They are Inline style, internal style sheet, and external style sheet.

    Bootstrap is the front end of the frameworks like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is faster and easier to design. Bootstrap comes with various benefits like browser support, a responsive design, time saving and a mobile first approach.

    PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor) is an open source general purpose scripting language. You can download it without any cost and very easy to use. It has other benefits like an amazing and powerful language, open source, very secure, capable of running on various platforms like Linux, Windows etc. and it supports on many databases.



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