Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average is a number that indicates how well or bad a candidate scored in his/her courses on average. It is always measured in numbers between 1 to 4. This number is then used to judge whether a student meets the expectations and standards set by the various degree programme or university.

GPA calculation varies from county to country. The Indian education system also follows a GPA grading scale, however, it is different to the International GPA scale used by schools abroad, like in the Australia and US.

Working of GPA:

1) Grade Point Average is a score used to evaluate the candidate’s success during the entirety of degree programme.

2) It is the same way that faculties give a student’s score to evaluate the progress.

3) In other words, it’s an average number that shows what a student is typically scored in classes throughout the semester and year.

4) GPA can go up and down throughout the time. And it changes according to the improvement or deterioration of a student during the course.

Grading System of GPA:

Grading systems differ in other parts of the world, we’ll first have to fathom some of the ways that different countries use their grading system.

  • 1 – 10 (Netherlands, Colombia, Latvia, Macedonia, Israel, etc.)
  • Percentage (Kuwait, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, etc.)
  • A – F (in the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, etc.)
  • 1 – 5 (Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Paraguay, etc.)

GPA Calculation:

GPA is calculated by dividing the average of grade points a student achieves, by the total hours attended by the student.

Suppose A=4, B=3 and C=2. Let’s see the calculation.

ClasscreditsGrade Grade Points

English 3A3X4=12
Arts3B 3X3=9

Total Grade Points = 36

Total Credit = 12

Grade Point Average: 36/12 =3

Hence the Grade of the student is “B”

GPA Formula:

(GPA)=(Grades X Credits) / Credits

US Grade vs Indian Grade:

This is shown in below table:

Indian Percentage Grading SystemLetter GradesUS 4-point GPA System

Benefits of GPA:

GPA is really a good way of showing how good of a student is during the degree programme.

  • Applying for a scholarship.
  • Applying for a graduate or post-graduate programme.
  • Doing any extra-curricular activities
  • Joining an organization.


  • GPA is the key used to unlock other exciting things during the study.
  • Organizations can easily know what kind of student you are based on GPA.
  • Whether you’re a hard-working or ambitious student, Universities rely on your GPA.
  • Universities, Organizations, Colleges always want high-achieving students, so they will look for GPA with higher in value.

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