How to Analyze Your SEO Competitors?

Well, SEO is not that easy thing to get tackle with and often there are times that you would feel that no matter how hard you are trying, you are not succeeding with your SEO techniques. At the same time, you realize that your others are constantly succeeding with their SEO techniques.

There are chances that you are not probably doing it the right way and you don’t know who your competitors are. To get ahead with your techniques, you must first discover about your competitors and obviously this is not an easy task to do.

How to analyze your competitors?

Well, figuring out your real competitors can be very difficult as they can be anyone. The one running the business in your niches and the sites that are ranking well on the keywords you have selected. The list of the competitors can be very long and the best you can do to know this is to Google the keywords you have targeted and get the list of the websites or companies ranking well in the search engines with those keywords. Well, all you get as the result, you can consider them your competitors.

Analyze their sites

After that you have got the list of the competitors, the next thing you need to do is to visit their site yourself and analyze them closely. You can observe the design, the contents, their quality of contents, the type of url they are using, and others.

The analysis of the site can help you a lot and can give you much information about their website. Then, you can see the difference of their website with yours and can easily mark up the things you are lacking at.

Analyze their keywords

The keywords act as an important asset in the listing of the website in the search engine results. When you are searching the Google with the specific keywords, make sure that you note them down and may be use the same for your website as well. If you don’t know how to get certain about the keywords they are using, you can use certain keywords tool where you will get to know all.

These are just a few way to analyze your competitors’ website and can draw the differences between yours and you competitors.

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