onmouseover text color change in html

onmouseover text color in change : For give small small look and feel in website, we can use onmouse hover function for change the text color. onmouseover attribute is a most commonly used event attribute. We use this attribute for lot of events as per requirement.

Use this code:

<p onmouseover=”this.style.color=’red'” onmouseout=”this.style.color=’black'”> Hello Sir, How are you !! </p>

Note: We can use the code of color also i.e. #FF0000 (Red Color).

All Browser support i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and many more.

Some Color Code:

#FF0000 – Red

#000000 – Black

#0018FF – Blue

#3A9205 – Green

#FF7200 – Orange

#FC00FF – Pink

#FFF600 – Yellow

#B4B4B3 – Grey

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