Past Tense

The past tense portrays a past occasion or a condition of being.

Simple Past Tense

Rule: Subject+ Verb IInd form + Object

a) To precise an action completed in the past.

e.g. I received his book a month ago.

b) The simple past is also used for past habits.

e.g. He played cricket 2 hours everyday.

Past Continuous Tense

Rule: Subject+ was, were + Verb Ist form+ ing + Object

a) To precise an action going on in the past. For instance:

e.g. It was getting darker.

Past Perfect Tense

Rule: Subject+ had + Verb IIIrd form + Object

a) It is used to precise an action that was completed before another action took place.

e.g. I had met her in Mumbai.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Rule: Subject+ had +been +Verb Ist form+ ing + Object + time reference

a) To precise an action that began at some point in the past and continued up to that time.

e.g. At that time he had been writing a novel for two months.

For Practice:

Fill ups:

  1. My mother (buy) ________ new book yesterday.
  2. Last Saturday my teacher (teach) _________ me Moral Education.
  3. I (am) __________hungry last night.
  4. I (know) _______ all the answer in last exam.
  5. He (feel) _________ sad yesterday.
  6. We (not play)________ cricket last weekend.
  7. He (hear) ____________ a loud sound from outside yesterday night.
  8. The girls (dance) ___________ last night.
  9. Dave (swim) ___________ in the pool.
  10. I (wait) __________ for her.


  1. Bought
  2. Taught
  3. Was
  4. Knew
  5. Felt
  6. Had not played
  7. Had heard
  8. Were dancing
  9. Was swimming
  10. Was waiting

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