PHP Install

Its very easy to install. Find a webhost with PHP and MySQL Support.

Download any software like easyphp or wamp software to run the php on your local host. PHP is very easy to run, For run the server php require Apache or IIS Server etc and for run the database or connect with php, you require the phpmyadmin.

  • easyphp is very simple and easy software for use and run the php program.
  • Download Easy PHP or Wamp.

If one of above software installed in your pc/device, so you no need of anything to run PHP. Because both software will be auto install server and database and after that you can enjoy to learn PHP.

Now start to create .php files, save into your web directory, and the server will automatically parse them for you on browser. Now you don’t need to install any software for run server or database.

Just require one more thing to do program code into any program software like dreamweaver or notepad + etc. Most of them web host servers support to php, because php is free and easy to use.

If you are facing any technical issue so please write email on