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About Coding Tag

Codingtag is the E-learning website covering all aspects of technical and nontechnical tutorials including advanced programming, web Development languages, current affairs and Technical interviews question and Answers on C, C++, Python, PHP, CSS, AngularJS, MongoDB and on all latest trending technologies.


Our main objective is to become an outstanding reference training platform to promote the technical skill of the students.

To convert beginner programmer into expertise developer by providing a simple and straightforward learning environment.

To help the students in their career Growth by providing relevant interviews questions on trending technologies to crack the Technical round.


Expertise Team
We have experienced and well-qualified team of a Content writer having Research and Analytic skills to Analyse trending technologies.

We use a user-friendly language and real-life examples to explain every logical and programming concepts.

We have explained each Topic of the tutorials with relevant theory, example and code demonstrating basic concepts.