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Mac Shortcut Keys

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Mac shortcut keys for keyboard, to make your work more easier and faster use top Mac shortcut commands. Most frequently used Macbook keyboard shortcut and their functions are listed below.

Mac Shortcut Keys 

Shortcut Key


Command + Control + QLock your Mac and return to Logic Screen
Command + Shift + QQuit all applications and logout of your Mac
Command + Space BarShow and Hide Spotlight Speech
Command + Option + D
Show and Hide the Dock
Command + Control + Space Bar
Show the Character Viewer
Command + Control + F
Current App Full Screen
Command + Shift + 3Full Screen Screenshot
Command + Shift + 4Selection Screenshot
Command + Shift + 5
Open Screen Utility
Command + MMinimize the Current Program
Command + Option + MMinimize all Windows
Command + Option + EscForce Quit Current App
Command + TabSwitch to next recently used app
Command + WClose the Front Window
Command + Option + WClose all Windows
Option + Shift + F1 / F2Change Brightness
Option + Shift + F11 / F12Change Volume (Increase / Decrease)

Finder - Shortcut Keys

Command + Shift + DOpen Desktop Folder
Command + Shift + FOpen Recent Folder
Command + Shift + L
Open Download Folder
Command + Shift + O
Open Document Folder
Command + Shift + U
Open Utilites Folder
Command + Shift + ROpen Airdrop Window
Command + Shift + GGo to Folder Popup
Command + Shift + I (I Uppercase)Open iCloud Drive
Command + 1Display items as Icons in Finder
Command + 2
Display items as List in Finder
Command + 3
Display items as Column in Finder
Command + Shift + NCreate New Folder
Command + Option + SShow / Hide Show Bar
Command + Option + P
Show / Hide Path Bar
Command + IGet Info
Command + KConnect to Server

We hope Mac shortcut commands helpful to you to make your work more effective and efficient.

We would like to listen to your suggestions and kindly check for regular updates.

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