Current Affairs

“Current Affair” The most frequently used word in almost every sectors including private, government, interviews, low level, high level, technical or nontechnical examination everywhere. What is it? What is – the perfect meaning of current affairs?  It is made up of a combination of the two words i.e. current and affairs to give the most interesting concept. Current means ongoing, current, present things whereas affairs mean issue, happening, events etc. Therefore, current affairs are known as all the information of day to day incidents, happening around us. It contains all the analysis and explanation of all the events including public policy, political, the controversy of the industry, immediate events, all the field events like international, national, science and technology, sports, economy etc.

You can compare the current affairs with the ocean. As it is difficult to measure the depth of the ocean. In a similar way, current affairs are also acted as the ocean in which the more once dive in it, the deeper it gets. This will provide more peace day by day because it will definitely boost your knowledge day by day and provides a list of benefits.

Once you start learning current affairs, you will start gaining knowledge of all around the world and become a more confident person. Aware of current affairs is very beneficial because, with this, one can be able to have a keen knowledge of every sector,covers all the information of the incident take place in different categories including development, technology, all the relevant happening that are of a national or  an international level including various continents such as Latin, European, East Asia, Gulf countries and European.

Current affairs questions play an important role in every examination, whether it is banking exams i.e IBPS, SBI, RBI, NABARD, or SSC, NET, SET. In every examination, general knowledge questions and current affairs questions are a mandatory part. For the Students, knowledge of current affairs is compulsory in order to qualify any competitive examination. They act as a catalyst in all the students who are preparing for state-level examinations.

Current affairs are wider and vast so it is suggested to go through the current affairs on the basis of specific requirement and objectives. But the students are required to find valid references or source, from where They get weekly current affairs information in a precise way.

Coding Tag is one of the tutorial websites whose main objective is to provide information to the students according to their requirements. The students can get the weekly updates of all the current affairs that will be helpful for them to rate their performance, and also help in becoming more wiser and save their precious time by providing  all the expected questions based on weekly current affairs

Our objective is to publish more than 50 questions on current affairs every week and which will later be updated on the monthly basis that will be easily downloadable pdf. The questions are designed in such a way that it will cover all the current information and general knowledge too.

Our main focus is to provide quality and easily understandable content that was extracted globally so that it becomes beneficial for all the student who is preparing for the examination.