Why SEO is important ?

by Gagan Gaba 22-Sep-16

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The term "SEO" which stands for Search Engine Optimization is making quite a buzz these days in the world of digital marketing and the reasons are much obvious. SEO is a set of practice that helps your website rank better in the search engine results and gets a huge traffic to your website making it visible. But, there are many firms that still are ignoring the fact and importance of the SEO in today's technology oriented world.

Today, we will try to enlighten them by manifesting that why the implementation of SEO is important for anyone or everyone running an online business. Though you have read or heard several of times that SEO helps your website get visible in the search engine results and gather a huge number of traffic to your website, but these are not only sphere that SEO covers and it goes on doing more than these two.

Why SEO is important ?

Increased amount of Traffic
The first thing we do after the search engine received our query and display the results is to click the very first results displays. This directly means that the top ranking pages get the highest amount of the traffic and SEO helps displaying your website on the first page of Search engine results if implemented in a right way.   SEO does this by focusing on the information and relevant keywords along with the tittle tags and Meta description.

SEO also provides a details description on the strategies like tracking the ranking results, traffic results and conversions. It also provides to observe the demographic and engagements metric on regular basis. It tracks the path taken by the users to get to your website and every tracking detail.

Cost Effective
SEO is that set of practice and strategy that is very cost-effective in comparison to the other strategies like Cold-calling. Though cold-calling is an effective way to generate leads, SEO is not left behind. SEO mainly focuses on the users who are looking for your products, and this further leads to the heavy traffic to your website.
Well, these are just a few benefits of using SEO techniques to increase the visibility of your website, getting it into the better ranking into the Search engine results, and more. There are plenty in the row that you can implement.


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