Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

by Deepak Kumar 15-Oct-18

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A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is basically the summary of the education, skills, and experience so that an employee can get the attention of the employer. It is the best way of accumulating your skills and experience in one place.

If you are looking for a job then it is an essential part of any job search because it is the first stage of an interview to carry a CV. A good written CV makes the difference in selection or in other words it increases the chances of selection. A company always asked you to send a soft copy of your updated CV.

Difference between a CV and a Resume:

Difference between a CV and a Resume are as follows:

Length: CV is made of Maximum one or two pages whereas Resume is made of two or more pages.

Description: A CV is a long description of the skills, experience, and professions in whereas Resume is a short description of the same.

Coverage Area: CV covers your entire career history in detail whereas a Resume doesn't cover your whole career and is highly customizable.

Important things that should be mentioned in a CV:

Contact Information: Name, Address, Telephone or Mobile Number, Website and Email

Personal Information: Date of birth, Place of birth, Citizenship, Gender, Marital Status, Father's Name

Employment History: Work detail, Academic Position, Research and Training

Education: High School, Graduated College

Experience: Mention the Research and Work experience if you have

Certificates: Name and Number of Certificates

Achievement and Awards: Departmental awards, Scholarship, Fellowship and scholarship etc.

Communication Skill: Poor, Good or Excellent

Interest or Hobbies: Games, Books, Music, Dancing etc

References: Seniors, Juniors, Manager, Friends etc

Update CV Date: Last updated CV date

Declaration: Declaration with signature

How to write an attractive CV:

Create a format: Create a format on a page and then list all of your information like your personal information, work experience, and employment history etc, then put each section in each box.

Create according to the company you are applying: First, research the company in detail and see what they are looking in an employee and for which post you are applying then accordingly prepare your CV.

Personal information should be on the top: Your personal detail like your name, address, contact number, mail id and website link should be on the top.

Personal Profile: Basically, in this section, you are selling your skills, talents, experiences and your personal qualities. Keep in mind; it should be original and well-written.

Education and Qualification: Try to make an excel sheet for this in which you can mention your qualification (10th, 12th and Graduation, and Post Graduation), School/College, Pass out Year and percentage secured in the respected exams.

Professional Qualifications: Mention your related work experience, your area of expertise and the employment history like where you are currently working and where you have held in the past.

Hobbies and Interests: It reflects the positive image on the eyes of the HR Manager so mention everything that you have other than the technical knowledge like playing the game and reading books etc.

Achievements and Awards: This is basically for highlighting your skills so mention what you till achieve and from which awards you are honoured like departmental awards, scholarship, fellowship or membership.

References: Give the name of the people to whom you have worked with in the past like your seniors, manager and friends, and you think they supported you a lot.

Updated CV Date: Mention the date of the updated CV; try to submit your updated CV.

Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes: Keep in mind that there should be no spelling or grammatical mistake in the CV because it reflects the bad impression on the eyes of the employers so check in some spell checkers.

Be Honest and Transparent: What you have mentioned in the CV, should be original and transparent because if it is found to be fraud then there would be the fewer chances of the selection and also reflects the bad impression on the eyes of the employer.

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