GoDaddy Announced New Updates to Afternic 2.0

GoDaddy Announced New Updates to Afternic 2.0

by Sayani

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GoDaddy's subsidiary Afternic has introduced several new features. Users can now choose between Request Price, Buy it Now (BIN), and Cashparking landing pages by updating the new Sales Lander settings in their Afternic Portfolio dashboard.

The Afternic team has prepopulated users' preferred landing pages depending on their name server configurations. The user's Afternic account will show this information in a new column labeled "Sales Lander."

Updating the Lander in Bulk

A new feature makes it easier for merchants with many products to switch between Afternic's landing pages. Customers interested in seeing landing pages for specific domain names in your portfolio may find this feature helpful.

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The team's objective in making these adjustments is to provide a better experience for sellers maintaining their domain listings on Afternic by eliminating the need to use nameservers to navigate between Afternic's landing pages. Afternic nameservers will direct newly registered domains to the Request Price landing page.

The subsequent helpful flow for adding domain names to Afternic is as follows:

  • 1 Make your new site's nameserver. including
  • 2 Register your domain name with Afternic
  • 3 The Request Price landing page will load automatically when you enter your domain name
  • 4 Afternic's portfolio dashboard is where you'll make changes to the landing page that's shown
  • 5 You may verify your Afternic portfolio ownership and change your Afternic landing page option from the dashboard.

Afternic has switched to an automated ownership verification system based on a name server and TXT techniques, making it faster and more objective than the previous customer service-led verification system. When users add a domain name already listed on Afternic to their domain portfolio, they will be asked to verify ownership.

The process of adding a domain name to the platform has been updated to conform to the standards of the Afternic 2.0 ecosystem. Up to 50 domains may be added simultaneously, and bulk addition is an option.

Customers will be presented with a second, redesigned page after entering domain names through the on-screen keyboard, allowing them to include domain name costs.

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