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Pixels Per Inch (PPI)

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PPI (Pixels Per Inch) stands for pixels per inch. The initial step of determining quality measures of the digital image is the in-depth knowledge of the entire concept of pixels and PPI.

"What is Pixel"

Every screen of electronic Devices such as mobile phone and computer are made up of small components. Those tiny components are known as Pixels. Pixels are a method for resolution measurement. The no of pixels present in an image is known as Resolution of that image.

Pixel also consists of sub pixels that are capable of displaying three different colors i.e. red, green and blue separately. We can use these three basic colors to display different colours on screen via color mixing techniques.

Example: If we want to Display only red then there is a need to switch 0 the green and blue color.

PPI is used for measuring the quality of an image. Basically, it describes the no of square pixels displaying in an inch of the digital device screen. No of pixels is directly proportional to the quality of the screen. More the PPI more will be the clarity and sharpness of the image.

The resolution of any printed images is mainly articulated in terms of two parameters i.e. DPI and PPI. Resolution of any image depends upon nature and size of the screen i.e.

For color pictures 300 dpi, for Black and white 300 to 600 dpi, for a combination of photo and text 600 to 900 dpi and for line art it is 900 to 1,200 dpi.

Features of PPI:

  • Used for pixel measurement per inch /per centimeter
  • It clearily specifies no of pixels on a display
  • To determine quality
  • Images appear smoother with rounded edges with PPI

How to calculate PPI of a screen?

Through diagonal size, one can effortlessly calculate the PPI.

This calculation takes place in two steps that are given below:

a) Calculate diagonal resolution in pixels via Pythagorean theorem.

b) After dp calculation, find PPI

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