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Short Message Service (SMS)

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SMS is an antonym for Short Message Service. It is a wireless alphanumeric message service globally accepted for transmission of short messages across the network. This service utilizes standardized communication protocols to permit fixed lines to exchange text messages.

SMS was one of the oldest reliable parameter used in mobiles, introduced in 1991 for Mobile networks but presently, It supports major networks technologies including CDMA, GPRS, and GSM.

Through SMS, one can send up to 160 characters to another mobile device. A message containing more than 160 characters will automatically split into sub parts. Nowadays, with the rise of other messaging applications such as facebook, WhatsApp has decreased usage of SMS.

But still, it is widely used in website subscription, Notification Alerts, Contests, Ticket Booking, Bank transactions, Online shopping, Order confirmation, Form Filling, Email Signup, Running Campaigning and many more applications, where users are required to write a certain OTP (One Time Password) or number they got it as an SMS.

Working of SMS

Every GSM network contains a message centre which has entire responsibility for message management. Whenever any users send a message to another user, it will first go to the message center, where it analyses the destination of another user.

It further integrates entire logs including date, time, number of the sender and sends it to the receiver. If the mobile phone of the recipient is deactivated or out of the network, then the message gets stored in the draft and will be sent automatically as soon as the recipient device connect the network.

Type of SMS Services:

SMS consists of two point to point services i.e. Mobile-originated and a mobile-terminated short message.

SMMT: It stands for short message mobile terminated point to point i.e. an incoming message from the network and determined in the Mobile device.

SMMO: It stands for short message mobile originated point to point i.e. an outgoing message arises in the mobile station which is further forwarded across the network for delivery process.

Categories of SMS

  • Flash SMS
  • Silent SMS

The elements of SMS are given below:

  • Validity period
  • Priority
  • More message to send
  • Message waiting
  • Service centre time stamps
  • Alert service centre
  • Message expiration

Advantage of SMS

  • Delivery notification alerts
  • Message delivery guarantee
  • Reliable
  • Low cost
  • It enhances subscriber productivity
  • User groups can be created
  • Diverse information can be easily received
  • Supports both national as well as international roaming
  • We can deliver a message to multiple subscribers simultaneously
  • Supports return receipts

Real time applications of SMS

  • Network management
  • CRM
  • Websites
  • Database
  • Emails
  • Online ticketing
  • Online shopping
  • SMS gateways enhance subscriber and traffic
  • Alpha-numeric paging services
  • Mobile chatting

Limitation of SMS

  • It does not carry the multimedia message
  • Limit to size
  • latency

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