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Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

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URL (Uniform Resource Locator) i.e. A unique identifier of a web document. Every resource on the internet has a unique address to locate on internet. That address is known as URL.


Components of a URL:

Parts of URL
a command used to handle webpages transmission.
Domain Name
indicate the name of the website. .COM, .ORG, .NET and .EDU are the examples of top level domains
part of website i.e. A specific location of a webpage
browser make use of this question mark to ask queries to server that user has requested this and he need response
it separate multiple queries to permit servers to process each queries
it redirect on another page of same website. It is also called as fragment

Types of URL

URL can be characterized into two types i.e. Absolute and Relative URL.

Absolute URL
Absolute URL is also referred as full path which include entire information about page on it. It specifies exact location of a particular file and is independent. These URL are mainly used in website maintenance.

Relative URL
Relative URL's does not include full address. It points to the directory location though the current directory as a reference.

These type of URLs are used by Web servers and Web pages to decrease the URL string's length. Morever, It permits easy transfer of one domain name to another.

Why Relative URL?

  • Fast loading
  • Easy to code
  • Save time and efforts
  • The length of this type of URL is short
  • It is portable

Why Absolute URL?

a) Prevent duplicate content issues
b) Crawling process can be improved
c) Inbound/internal linking strategy can be improved

Format of a SEO friendly URL

  • Use keywords on URL
  • Avoid extravagant words on your URL
  • Make proper use of a canonical tags
  • Construct an XML sitemap
  • Good Domain name suitable to your business
  • Use secured HTTPs in a URL
  • Integrate keywords on URL without keyword stuffing
  • Characters must be in lowercase.

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