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High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

by Monika Dadool 30-Apr-19

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HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) i.e. A digital connector used to carry audio as well as display signal between two devices.

Objectives of designing a HDMI interface

It was designed to overcome the disadvantages and to enhance the features of DVI.

Advantage of HDMI cable:
  • A single cable of HDMI can serve both video as well as audio signal
  • High definition picture
  • Quality resolution video output
  • Future compatibility
  • Great mobile connectivity
  • Quality color saturation
  • It permits signal transmission in uncompressed format
  • Compatible with display ports
  • Large bandwidth
  • Capable of maintaining signal integrity
  • It permits automatic configuration through Extended Display Identification Data which act as an intelligent parameter for best resolution identification
  • Ease to use
  • Permits interaction of two devices
  • It support deep colors i.e 10 bit, 12 bit and 16 bit (RGB or YCbCr) for rendering multiple colors
  • This HDMI standard supports Authentication and Encryption features
  • It permits hot plug detection to identify connection of a cable
  • It acts as a high speed cable which can able to handle WQXGA resolutions

Categories of HDMI cables:

Standard cables (Category 1 HDMI)
Acts as a standard speed cable which is further categorized into three wires i.e. Standard, standard with Ethernet and standard Automotive.

Applications of Category 1 HDMI cable:

Used in areas where high-definition sound, shared internet connections, and device networking are required.

Automative applications.

High-speed cables(category 2 HDMI): These cables act as high speed cable which is further categorized into high speed HDMI and high speed HDMI cable with ethernet.

Applications of category 2

Emerging technologies including 3D,3.4 Gbps, and 4K videos and also applicable in internet connections.

Pins of HDMI connector
It include 19 pins.

Applications of HDMI cable:

  • HDMI cables are used with Ethernet for internet connections
  • Used in advanced electronic devices which require improved picture and sound
  • Projector
  • Set-top box
  • DVD player
  • DTV
  • A/V receiver
  • Video monitor
  • TV

Trending version of HDMI

a) HDMI 1.4 (2009)
b) HDMI 2.0 (2013)
c) HDMI 2.1 (2017)

HDMI 1.4 (2009)

Main Features

  • Integrated size
  • It support 3D
  • 4K resolution compatibility
  • Permits digital content distribution
  • Color space compatible i.e. it supports 16 b color bit depth
  • Internet connection sharing
  • Bandwidth is 10.2 Gbps due to which it can support 30 Hz UHD

HDMI 2.0 (2013)

Main Features
  • It Supports HD videos at 120 HZ
  • Dynamic synchronization

HDMI 2.1

Main Features

  • It supports ultra speed 48G bandwidth
  • Quick media switching
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Quick frame transport

Why HDMI cables are popular?

Because it supports 32 channel Audio, videos, and 100 Mbs Ethernet.

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