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Vital Information Resource under Sieze (VIRUS)

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VIRUS stands for Vital Information Resource under Sieze, A malicious program loaded into the system before user knowledge. It has the ability to spread by replicating itself from one system to another system. Usually, it enters in the system through an executable command which in turn combined with various other hidden commands and performs malicious actions.

Trojan horses and worms are specific types of surreptitious program can create malicious system infections. Malicious infections also spread through already infected removable storage devices, such aspen drive, USB drives etc.

Hackers implement the virus injection technique to trick online users. The objective of creating a system virus is to inject vulnerable files, gain admin control, or to steal sensitive information.


The initially recognized computer virus was "Creeper system" developed by Robert Thomas, in 1971 and the first computer virus for MS-DOS was "Brain", released in 1986 and in 1988, the first computer virus named as "The Morris", was written by "Robert Morris". With trending technologies, Virus is also growing exponentially day by day.

Indications of virus infection:

Some of the indications for detecting any virus are given below:

  • System slow down
  • Certain programs run automatically
  • Folders getting corrupted
  • Hard drive create sounds
  • Automatic creation of files or folder
  • Sometimes files duplicate itself

How to fix a virus from the system?

a) Delete entire temporary files from the system

  • Delete entire temporary files from the system
  • You need to boot system though Safe Mode
  • You can download some Virus/Malware Scanners
  • You can reinstall damaged software
  • Install effective antivirus to scan infected files

List of some categories of the virus are given below:

  • Boot sector
  • Computer virus
  • Polymorphic virus
  • Resident virus
  • Space filler virus

Basic things required preventing viruses:

  • Avoid opening any unknown email attachment
  • Avoid opening unsolicited executable files, documents, files etc
  • Avoid opening file containing the double extension. It indicates a virus program
  • Download software or documents from reputable Internet sites
  • Scan your hard drive weekly

Download Antivirus

a) Quick Heal Total Security

b) AVG Internet Security

c) Norton Security

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