EPABX Full Form - Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange

EPABX Full Form - Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange

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What is the full form of EPABX?

The full form of EPABX is Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange.

It is switching equipment used for telephone exchange connectivity through single line extension for simplifying office communication. It is being used for voice communication in Industries, Hotels, offices, and other such places.

This system comes under the category of telephone systems suitable for a business environment. This system needs a keen knowledge of the infrastructure and specific requirements of an organization before installation. Both internal and external switching requirements of an organization can be easily served with EPABX.

With the advancement of technology, the EPBAX system comes with advanced features and a powerful microprocessor nowadays. With a single telephonic connection, multi-line connections can be easily available.

EPABX Working

EPABX system is a great system that has helped to make communication easier, especially in organizations and offices. It made the process of communication much easier and simpler. Here is a simple explanation of how the EPABX system works:

All the incoming calls are received on one central point and from that central point, all calls are routed towards other extensions of an organization.

Components of EPABX

Here is the list of various components in the EPABX system:

1 Microcontroller and microprocessor

2 Logic cards, switching cards to facilities entire operations

3 Telephone sets

4 Switchboard for managing incoming calls

5 Housing materials including UPS, connecting wires

6 Telco trunks

Features of EPABX

EPABX performs an extensive range of tasks some of them are given below:

  • Automatic Call Distributor
  • Call forwarding on busy or in the absence
  • Automatic call ring back
  • Call pick-up, waiting, transfer and park
  • Follow me
  • Music on hold
  • Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Automated Directory services
  • Customized Abbreviated Dialing
  • Do Not Disturb

  • Advantages of EPABX system

    The advantages of the EPABX system are as follows:

  • Takes very less space
  • The basic network of the phone system can be expandable through EPABX
  • EPABX simples the complexity of integrated communication as it is programmable
  • Permit resource sharing that will reduce phone expenses

  • Disadvantages of EPABX system

    The disadvantages of the EPABX system are as follows:

  • Require more electric power
  • Increase long-distance expenses
  • Low mobile workforce
  • Huge investment cost on installation

  • Applications of EPABX system

    EPABX system is being used in many sectors. Some are listed below:

  • BPO Sectors
  • Inquiry and resource centres
  • Company's customer centre
  • Technical support centre
  • Railways information centre

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