GPT-4 Is Old News: ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin Is Redefining AI Tech

GPT-4 Is Old News: ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin Is Redefining AI Tech

by Sayani

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The world's leading technology businesses are now engaged in an "AI race" in response to its extraordinary capabilities. Developers across the globe are investigating novel applications for ChatGPT, which is now driven by OpenAI's compelling big language model, GPT-4, as tech titans compete to produce the most cutting-edge AI technology.

In March, Sam Altman's firm said they would add plugin-based web browsing to ChatGPT. A deluge of new chatbot plugins has been released in the last few weeks, and plugins have opened a floodgate of possibilities for millions of developers.

How Helpful Is an Interpreter for Chatgpt Code?

Since the plugin's introduction, several potential applications have been proposed in the literature. ChatGPT can use the code interpreter to edit simple videos, such as converting GIFs to longer MP4 films with slow zoom.

You may also generate a visualized map by adding location data (for example, a CSV file with the coordinates of every lighthouse in the United States). Professor of Management at The Wharton School Ethan Mollick's assignment was as follows:

"Create a gif of a map of the lighthouse locations, where the map is very dark, but each lighthouse twinkles." A map with lit dots representing the lighthouses appeared on the screen a few seconds later. He also conducted an analogous study on European lighthouses.

The Code Interpreter plugin's strengths as a file-transfer tool are quickly becoming apparent. Designer Pietro Schirano claims that the plugin can automatically compress huge photos when it runs out of memory and can extract colors from an image to produce a palette.png.

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