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AI and the Future of Cloud

by Sayani

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Ninety percent of early cloud adopters predict that cloud computing will be crucial to their AI projects during the next several years. According to an IBM survey, over half of the cloud customers use SaaS and PaaS to implement and roll out AI-infused cloud outcomes - the advantage in thinking.

Some early adopters have said that they believe cloud computing will be a game-changer for the spread of AI. Therefore, it is safe to argue that the ubiquitous cloud is a crucial enabler of AI at scale.

Today's state of artificial intelligence on the cloud

Many PaaS systems have begun incorporating AI capabilities, with industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft leading. The current state of cloud-based AI research allows us to categorize it into two broad categories:

Platforms for ML on the Cloud: One technique, in particular, is credited with supporting the development of Machine Learning models in modern technologies like AWS ML, Azure ML, and the soon-to-be-released Google Cloud ML. However, many cloud ML technologies won't allow the deployment of AI programmes programmed in traditional AI, making it challenging to employ Google Cloud ML that uses TensorFlow.

Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence Services:  APIs for IBM Watson, Google Cloud Vision, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Natural Language make it possible to abstract, sophisticated AI capabilities with straightforward code. This allows you to add AI functionality without costly AI infrastructure.

These days, cloud computing is one of IT's trendiest issues. A revolutionary change is coming to the IT sector due to the development of AI and cloud computing.

Artificial intelligence hosted on the cloud has the potential to significantly advance the industry and hasten the digital transformation of many companies.

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