Technical Resume Format

Technical Resume Format

by Shyam Mishra

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{Email ID}
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To work with an organization which allow me to utilize my knowledge and skills in the best possible way to  accomplish  the  responsibilities,  challenges  and  provide  me  an  opportunity to  learn  and  grow  while contributing towards organizational growth.

Professional Experience

Since July 20xx, have almost {No. of Years} years' experience as a PHP Developer. I am currently working as a PHP Developer in Technologies Pvt. Ltd. from July 20xx till present. I also worked as a PHP developer in {Company} from June 20xx to June 20xx.

Technical Skills

1. Skills PHP5, MySQL, Ajax, j Query,
2. PHP Framework: Smarty
3. Payment Gateway: Pay U
4. WEB Server: XAMPP, LAMP
5. Web services: REST ,SOAP
6. Operating Systems: Win 7,8,10 and Ubuntu
7. Development Phase Tools: Notepad++, Dreamweaver, Sublime Text 3
8. Web Hosting: Apache, Domain, Email, FTP, Logs
9. Task Management: Jira Ticketing System, GitHub

Key Skills

* Hands on experience in Coding, Testing, Implementation/Maintenance in PHP and
* Extensive development of J Query
* Quick learner and eager to learn new
* Integration Ability: Strong in understanding and integrating third party web
* Platforms: Linux, Windows
* Client-side programming: AJAX, HTML, DOM
* Web server installation & configuration: Apache.

Roles and Contribution:


1. Manage Seller zone (seller's platform) and Admin for it.
2. Integrated all Courier Service API's (e.g Delivery, Blue-dart, Safexpress, Gati) Bitly APIs for short URLs)
3. Data scrapping of around 10 websites for marketing and catalogue
4. Understand the business and functional requirements as per the client and implement them as per the process and data flow.
5. Development of reusable code
6. Development and implementation of core functionality
7. Iterative testing and code reviews through development of the application
8. Integration testing & debugging.

Work Experience:

{Company Name}

Role: PHP Developer
Duration: July 20xx to till date
Technology: PHP,Curl, RESTAPI, MYSQL, CS-Cart, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
This is B2B online e-commerce startup in Nov 20xx. This is a mobile based marketplace platform for wholesale buying and  selling. It makes wholesale buying and selling more organized, quicker and easier. As a platform we enable you to bring your wholesale business online. It take care of all the hassles of e-commerce.

{Company Name}

Role: PHP Developer
Duration: June 20XX to June 20XX
Technology: PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, J Query, Ajax
{COMPANY} offers high-quality custom website design and development. It has the economical and professional website design solution. Each of the websites we design is unique and tailor-made for our clients.

Projects Under Taken

Project Name : {Project Name/ Title}
Technology    : Cs-Cart


1. Develop new feature for admin and seller panel.
2. Update Existing Functionality for admin and seller panel.

Work Done:

1. Manage Manifest
2. Order delivery process from seller to buyer.
3. Admin and seller
4. Implement courier service API for admin and seller panel.
5. Implement Buyer Engagement Panel.
6. Implement product instant promotion feature for sellers.
7. Implement fresh desk ticketing system of sellers issues.

1. Project Name : {Project Name}
a) Technology : Core PHP, MySQL
b) Website :

2. Project Name : {Project Name}
a) Technology : Core PHP, MySQL
b) Website :

Educational Qualification

1. {Academic Details}
2. {Academic Details}
3. {Academic Details}
4. {Academic Details}
5. {Academic Details}


* Able to do work individually as well as in team
* Adaptability to changing the environment and trends
* Disciplined and Punctual
* Committed, Dedicated and Productivity.

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
Alternate Number: +91 XXXXX XXXXX
Nationality: Indian
Permanent Address: {Address}
Current Address: {Address}


I hereby declare that the details provided by me in this resume are  correct. I have not omitted/misrepresented any information. I am aware that the company can use this data for verification purposes and any material inconsistency identified between the details shared above versus actual information would have a bearing on my employment, based upon company policies.

Date: ..............  Time: .............   Place: .............


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