Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

by Deepak Kumar

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Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree is an entry-level professional degree which is obtained by a well-qualified physiotherapist. However, they are not a medical doctor and cannot prescribe medications in some countries like the United Kingdom. In India, they help people who are living with physical illnesses and injuries by treating their pain leading them on the road to recovery.

DPT might work with patients who have had surgery, been in an accident, or experienced injuries such as strain or sprain. Their duties include setting up treatment plans, assessing patient conditions and evaluating patient progress.

Duration and Eligibility:


In India, the course duration is 6 months to 2 years. However foreign universities offer 3 years course.


Qualification: Candidates must have a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy.

Marks: Minimum of 40 % on each section of the GRE or 3.0 GPA.

Age limit: No such age limit. However, candidates should not be less than 17 years.

Admission procedure:

1) In India, Admission for DPT is done through online and On-Campus or by completing the online PTCAS application.

2) However, interested physiotherapists can enter on-campus program in Mumbai.

3) Those with a bachelor's degree in physical therapy can complete the online or on-campus DPT program in two years.

4) Physiotherapists having master's degree can complete the above process in 1 year.

5) Applicants with a PhD in physiotherapy can complete the program in six months.

Top DPT College/University across the world:

a) University of California-San Francisco

b) Texas Woman's University

c) University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

d) University of Nebraska Medical Center

e) Virginia Commonwealth University School of Allied Professions

f) University of Illinois College of Applied Health Sciences

g) University of Wisconsin-Madison

h) University of Florida

Major areas of study:

Major specialization in DPT is given below:

a) Gross Anatomy

b) Cellular Histology

c) Embryology

d) Neurology

e) Neuroscience

f) Kinesiology

g) Physiology

h) Pathology

i) Pharmacology

j) Radiology

k) Imaging

l) Medical Screening

Benefits of doing DPT:

There are immense benefits of doing DPT, they are as follows:

1) A doctoral degree in PT opens numerous employment doors for physical therapists.

2) One can work in virtually any medical practice.

3) Doctor of Physical therapists can easily work in hospitals or physical rehab centres.

4) They are offered significant pay, especially for those who work in certain environments.

5) DPT can even get a good salary if they have less experience.

Career Prospects after DPT:

1) Physical therapy is among the fastest-growing vocational opportunities now a day.

2) They can teach at a college or university or get involved in research.

3) Those that have a doctoral degree are primed to take advantage of any of the career opportunities that become available.

4) If one doesn't like one work setting, he/she can easily flex to another based on the qualification.

5) DPT can open their own practice also.

Salary of DPT:

1) No doubt, Salary for DPT is always paid on large scale even one is not experienced because of so much competition in getting into this field.

2) The median 2010 pay for therapists was $76,310, according to the BLS.

3) Travel Force staffing notes that most DPT working for them earn over $100,000.

4) On an average, they earn $54,069 who is having less than one year of experience and can make up to $70,000 with the increase in experience.

5) Not only this, DPT can make a huge amount of profit just by establishing their own clinic.

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