Diploma to Degree (D2D)

Diploma to Degree (D2D)

by Deepak Kumar

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Diploma to Degree (D2D) is a competitive exam conducted by various boards\universities\colleges in India. In general, it serves as a gateway for candidates to take admission into 2nd year of the 4 years regular BE/B.Tech program's. Not only engineering candidates but one can go for another field like Pharmacy, Arts and Communication, Business, Design and Health Science etc.

Hence one must be holding a certificate in Diploma to make entry into a university degree programme. The content is usually based on bachelor degree courses but candidates will have more contact hours, smaller class sizes, and more one-on-one time with the faculties. D2D is also known as 'backdoor to degree' or 'Lateral entry'.


Qualification: Students holding a certificate in Diploma (any stream).

Marks: Students should secure at least 50% in aggregate depends on the college/university.

Age limit: No such age limit exists. However, some colleges may consider.

Admission procedure:

1) Different colleges/universities have a different mode of admission procedure.

2) Reputed College takes the entrance exams like JCECEB.

3) Some colleges/universities offer direct admission for the 2nd year of the regular degree.

4) Other prefers marks in diploma to the admission.

College/university offering D2D in India:

a) L D College Of Engineering Ahmedabad

b) Government Engineering College Modasa

c) Shantilal Shah Engineering College Bhavnagar

d) Vishwakarma Government Engineering College Chandkhed

e) Government Engineering College Bharuch

f) Government Engineering College Godhra

Major areas of study:

In order to get into the Lateral entry (D2D), one must be from the following field:-

Diploma in

a) Pharmacy

b) Arts and communication

c) Business

d) Design

e) Health science

f) Engineering

Benefits of doing D2D:

There is a number of benefits of doing D2D, they are as follows:

1) Joining Degree course after completing Diploma makes a lot of sense.

2) It is an advanced course and will provide more knowledge about the chosen field.

3) It also helps candidates to have a better job and add value to their CVs.

4) Diploma to Degree is usually job oriented. Hence, more job opportunities are always waiting for them.

Career prospects after D2D:

a) More knowledge means more skills and experience, so a candidate has a good opportunity to be hired.

b) He/She is applicable for various exams for the govt. and private jobs. One such entrance is GATE. So, this is a plus point.

c) Pay scale becomes higher if you have chosen D2D.

Salary of after D2D:

1) One has to complete an additional 3 years after diploma to get a handsome salary.

2) Sometimes it depends upon the profession selected by students like salary in engineering sector is different from that of the Pharmacy sector.

3) Diploma students usually get around 9k to 12k (for freshers). While if you complete a Degree after Diploma you have chances to get around 16k to 30k.

4) Salary too depends on the performance and skill of the student during the interview.

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