Exchange Online Backup - Everything You Need To Know

Exchange Online backup: Everything You Need To Know

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Migrating from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online is a major change for a variety of reasons. Exchange Online is an entirely different platform that requires unique management methods.

Office 365 offers many advantages to administrators, since many of the tedious and difficult tasks are being handled by the service. Among the services offered by Microsoft and other cloud service providers is the creation of new servers, checking hard drives for enough space, replacing failed hardware, patching systems, and making backups for you. Exchange Online backup is the only area in which you must pay attention.

Backup of on-premises systems should be done in the same way for cloud services, wouldn't it? This question can be answered in a variety of ways, depending on whom you ask.

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Their actions are often overstated by third-party vendors. When you sell Exchange Online backups, you should market your backup product in order to attract customers. There is a possibility that your Exchange Online data could get corrupted.

You can do anything you want. Backups are essential if you don't want to lose valuable data. Microsoft provides built-in recovery options for Exchange Online, and it is up to you to determine whether those options are adequate for your purposes.

What's the deal with these third parties who offer backup products for Exchange Online? Recovery.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Exchange Online backups

Customers almost always have compliance or legal requirements unique to them. You probably have a few questions about Exchange Online backups, so I wrote some answers to help you make up your mind.

In a Fortune 500 company, could backups be created in a similar manner to that employed by on-premises Exchange? If so, how would you go about it?

Exchange Online must be treated differently from Exchange on-premises due to its different components. Due to the fact that much of what Exchange Online does is outside of your direct control, it operates differently than Exchange Server in the data center. Consequently, you cannot use the on-premises product the same way you did with it. 

Try to utilize as many Exchange NDP features as possible, and then see if your company has any gaps that need to be filled.

Which backup vendors do you recommend for Exchange Online?

There is no such thing as a similar product from one vendor to another. Each product from Mimecast, Veeam, Carbonite, and Quest has different features at different prices. Where is your greatest need for protection? In order to find the best product for your needs, you will need to create a list.

By allowing a person access to their email through their website, Memcast provides an alternative to Exchange Online. Veeam's backup software supports a variety of Office 365 environments, including hosted environments and on-premises environments, and has the ability to store data both in the cloud and on your own servers. Despite being easy to use and set up, Carbonite's Office 365 backup solution doesn't have all the features offered by rivals. As compared to other options, Questek's solution can be difficult to install and maintain.

You will need to determine what your organization needs. It has been my experience that some companies want their data only to be retained for a short amount of time - typically not longer than three years. If this is the case, having backups could cause your company legal issues. 

After understanding your organization's needs, find ways to meet those needs under a variety of disaster scenarios.

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