SOC as a service: What you need to know

SOC as a service: What you need to know

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The term managed SOC or SOC as a Service refers to an outsourced threat detection and response service. An external cyber security expert monitors your logs, devices, cloud environments, and network for known and evolving advanced threats using the managed SOC service, which is based on the transformation of the Internal Security Operations Center (SOC) into an external cloud-based service.

In SOC as a Service, businesses are provided with a team of cybersecurity experts that monitor, detect, and investigate cybersecurity threats across their entire organization. It is sometimes possible for the outsourced security team to resolve detected threats alone, but in other cases, it is necessary to collaborate with internal IT teams. For more information, visit

A By providing round-the-clock security monitoring, SOC as a Service allows businesses to avoid the need for a lot of security software, hardware, and infrastructure purchases. As a result, organizations can quickly start monitoring for cyberthreats and improve their security posture while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

How can a managed SOC help you?

The investments in hiring security experts, negotiating and purchasing security software and infrastructure, setting up and configuring the SOC, and monitoring for threats can be costly and time consuming for organizations that take cybersecurity seriously.

A business can be confident that their entire network environment is constantly monitored for new cyberthreats and mitigated by cybersecurity experts with SOC as a Service, all for a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.

An organization can benefit from SOC as a Service, what are the advantages?

Management of an SOC can provide benefits in detecting threats, responding to threats, staff, and budget. Here are a few of the benefits:

Complications associated with SOC as a Service are reduced

Most organizations lack the time or expertise necessary for designing, implementing, configuring, testing, managing, maintaining, upgrading, and operating an internal SOC well, if at all. SOCs as service providers simplify the process; you pay for the services that SOCs already provide.

Deploys more quickly

Since there is no need for a SOC, deployment time is greatly reduced. Many SOC as a Service providers have the ability to start monitoring a company's environment in under a month, instead of taking quarters or years.

Providing on-the-spot expertise

The majority of companies do not have cybersecurity specialists on staff, nor can they hire them on a full-time basis. Through SOC as a Service, organizations are able to access a team of cybersecurity experts and analysts experienced in detecting and addressing today's advanced cybersecurity threats.

Threats are detected and responded to better

As a result, SOCs as a Service provider are easier to detect and respond to threats than their clients. Through the use of latest threat intelligence, dedicated security experts, best-of-breed security solutions, and automated response orchestration, SOC as a Service increases the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of threat detection and response far beyond what can be achieved by internal security teams.

Low-cost, secure

Organizations' overall costs are related to the same factors that go into SOC complexity (design, implementation, configuration, testing, management, maintenance, upgrading, and operation). It is a cost-effective option since organizations don't have to make a monthly payment for a single aspect of a SOC. The value of SOC as a Service is even better if you assume that costs will be significantly reduced while security levels will improve.

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