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Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

by Monika Dadool 11-Feb-19

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MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a technology pre-owned for the purpose of document verification. It contains a special type of ink made up of iron oxide which when interpolated inside the machine can be easily recognized by the machine. This technology is used by all banks for cheque clearance and another type of documents verification.

MICR code in banks contains 9 digits, divided into three parts. First three digits represent the city name, the other three will represent the bank name and the last will show the bank branch. It is made up of only numeric digits.

MICR code is found on the bottom of the cheques. In banks, people can come with multiple cheques of different banks these cheques are verified and analyzed through MICR technology.

Real-time Example:

Suppose one Customer came in a bank for the payment. His/her account may/may not be available on that bank or it might have a cheque containing the signature of another bank.

In that condition, there will be a need to match that account details before payment. These details are checked/matched effortlessly through the MICR technology.


a) Cheques can be processed very fast

b) Boost bank security

c) Enhance efficiency

Key components required for checking MICR printing

a) MICR printers with security features, MICR fonts, and locking trays

b) Secure MICR inks and toner

c) Blank check stock for security


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