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Simple Offer Letter Format

by Shyam Mishra

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{Candidate Name}
{Location- City, State, Country}

Dear {Candidate},

With reference to our discussion and mutual consent, in line with your subsequent interview you had with us, we are pleased to inform you that, you are selected for the position of {Manager} {Grade} in our organization, on the terms discussed and attached {Annexure - 1}.

The organization would like you to join the profile on or before {Date}. A letter indicating the detailed terms and conditions would be issued to you upon your joining. This offer is further subject to successful completion of your Background Verification Check and Reference Confirmation.

It is important for compensation to be kept strictly personal to you and is not to be shared with others. Kindly mark your acceptance with your signature on the pages attached. It is expected to revert with duplicate copy as your acknowledgement. We would start the further process once reverted.

For {Company Name}



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