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Joining Letter Format

by Shyam Mishra 05-Oct-18

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{Candidate Name}
{Location- City, State, Country}


{Company Name}
{Company Address}
{Location City, State, Country}

As per our mutual discussion and comprehensive review of your candidature, we are pleased to appoint you as {Candidate Profile} at {Company Name.}

Your duties and roles will commence on {Date}. You will be reporting every day to the {Company Name, Location, Date, Timings}. You will be expected to work full week.  In your role as {Profile, Designation}, you will be reporting to the head of the department, {Senior / HOD}.

Your compensation for this position will be {Annexure, With Details}. Your total compensation will be paid using a direct deposit to your bank on a monthly basis. You will be eligible to participate in our organization-sponsored plans.

This agreement between you and {Company Name} is classified as at-will, which means that either you or {Company Name} can terminate the contract at any time, with or without notice and between mutual consent.

If you choose to accept this post, please sign the agreement form enclosed and return it before the {Date}. You will be asked to present a copy of this letter and photo ID when you report to the facility.

Welcome at {Company Name}, in case you have any questions regarding this position, please use the contact information on the letterhead.


1. Company Policy Document
2. Annexure 1 – Salary Details
3. Terms & Conditions Dossier.
4. Privacy Policy Dossier.
5. Tour &Travel Policy Dossier
6. Compliance Letter.
7. Addendum – 1
8. Addendum – 2

For {Company Name}

{HOD Name}


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