Organic Light-emitting Diode (OLED)

by Monika Dadool 13-May-19

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OLED Stands for an Organic Light-emitting Diode i.e. an advanced display technology consists of thin films of light-emitting organic materials. Operation is identical to LEDs. In OLED's light, emission takes place due to organic layers though the process known as electrophosphorescence

Structure of OLEDs
Conductive layer
Emissive layer

Working of OLEDs
To create OLEDs, a sequence of organic thin films are placed between two conductors. Organic compounds contains a special feature that it create a light after receiving electricity. When a voltage is applied beyond the anode and cathode it create Flows of current through organic layer, it emits light as a reply of an electric current.

Categories  of OLEDs
Passive-matrix OLED
White OLED Applications
Transparent OLED
Active-matrix OLED
Top-emitting OLED
Foldable OLED  

Is OLEDs are better than LCD?
Yes, they have better contrast, rapid refresh rates, less power consumption, high brightness, and easy design i.e. flexible and ultra-thin. These all features make LEDs more applicable for display systems.

Display Architecture
Passive matrix
Active matrix

Applications of OLEDs
OLED displays are generally used in the applications where there is a need of high readability, reliability, efficiency, stability, and qualitative displays. Some of such applications are mentioned below:
Smart phones like Motorola, Vivo and Iphone X
Smart watches
Fitness bands
Wearable devices
Pocket-size systems

Features of OLEDs
They permits creation of a flexible displays i.e. rollable tv, stretchable displays
They can  be created  into large sheets
Less power consumption
Light and flexible
Energy efficient
Better contrast ratio
Simple to fabricate
Compact display
Low-operating voltage
It is self luminescent i.e. no need of back-lighting
Wider viewing angle
More bright, flexible, thin and light as comparison to LEDs

Dark sides of OLEDs
It can be damaged by water
High manufacturing cost
Complex fabrication method


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