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PNG Full Form - Portable Network Graphics

by Devender 05-Feb-22

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What is the full form of PNG?

The full form of PNG is Portable Network Graphics.

It is a file format that is used for storing bitmapped or raster images on computer. It was developed as an open system to replace the GIF format as it wasn't license free to use.

The PNG format includes an indexed colour bitmap that is why it is also known as bitmapped images. It supports loss-less compression making it the first choice of every individual. It was developed as a better and patent-free alternative of GIF.

PNG History

The GIF format had a limitation that it can only include 256 colours which became the prime reason behind the development of PNG format. Brief History of PNG:

  • 1995 - PNG Format was first developed
  • 1996 - Full specification of PNG was released
  • 1998 - New specifications were introduced as version 1.1
  • 1999 - New specifications were introduced as version 1.2 which was later reformatted in 2003
  • 2001 - MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) Format, a format that supported animation was released as a modern version of PNG
  • 2008 - APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) Format was released

  • PNG Features

    There are many features that PNG offers which contributed to its huge success. Some of these features are:

    1 We can control the amount of transparency

    2 It supports correction by Gamma

    3 Can be developed faster than GIF

    4 Also supports interlacing

    5 True colour of the image remains intact

    6 Image's brightness can be tuned according to once requirement

    PNG Advantages

    Following are the advantages of PNG:

  • Supports Loss-less compression
  • It also supports numerous colours and patterns
  • Perfect for image editing
  • Scanning of text such as letter, journals, etc. is very easy in PNG format
  • It also supports transparency which is a huge issue with JPEG format

  • PNG Disadvantages

    Following are the disadvantages of PNG:

  • Not the right choice for large image files
  • Is not supported by all browsers
  • Animation is not allowed

Other PNG Full Form

Full Form of PNG gas

In chemistry, the full form of PNG Gas is Pipeline Natural Gas. It is a very complex structure used to carry natural gas from one place to another. This natural gas is used for cooking and fuel.

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