5 Amazing Business Apps for Small Businesses

5 Amazing Business Apps for Small Businesses

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5 Amazing Business Apps for Small Businesses

Operating a small business on a shoestring is nothing new to small business owners. It is possible to transform even small changes in efficiency into a huge competitive advantage.

While there is no shortage of comprehensive business solutions and services online offering all manner of diverse features, these are often overkill for managing small companies.

In this guide, we've focused on five of the most useful applications for SMBs (small to medium businesses). Each of these offers either a free tier or represents excellent value. When your business grows, more premium features are usually available.

Mobile applications are on a spree to change the face of the business world. By being more and more powerful with each passing day, business apps help enterprises run more smoothly. Be it wanting to improve daily operations or organizing your ideas or even managing your traveling expenses, business apps literally handle these tasks with panache.

There are various mobile app development companies that have hopped onto the bandwagon of developing business apps that can help users to stay organized, automate tasks, and streamline processes.

  • Let us check out the top 5 business apps for small businesses:
  • 1 FreshBooks

    FreshBooks is an accounting application that focuses on invoicing and is considered one of the best mobile accounting apps in the market. The application can help you manage your invoices, expenses, cash flow, and more things.

    You can also set up automatic billing and create a minute-by-minute record of the way you use your time. A few of the key features of the FreshBooks app are:

  • It can be accessed from any screen
  • It accepts credit cards on your mobile device
  • It helps in converting estimates into invoices

2 GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an amazing video-conferencing application that can help you in conducting and managing video calls with a remote team. The app offers you unlimited meetings in high definition and allows screen sharing. GTM can be easily integrated with Google Calendar, Office 365, and more.

3 Basecamp

Basecamp is a great app if you want to organize your projects without any hassle. Unlike other project management apps, Basecamp manages the projects into six different categories instead of doing it in one to-do list. With this application, your team can have access to a message board, a chatroom, a bank of images and documents, a calendar, a task list, and a recurring check-in system.

4 Expensify

Among the sea of expense trackers out there, Expensify is one of the simplest expense tracking apps. You can scan and upload your receipts on Expensify that can be submitted to employers easily by just clicking a button.

The application can also read and import expenses from your bank account/credit card linked to the app. Expensify has various amazing features like it offers top-notch integrations and provides help with tracking expenses across multiple industries.

5 Hot scheduling

The fourth app is now offered with a mobile employee scheduling app, Hot Schedules. The iOS and Android versions of the application are both available. It is the perfect tool to assign employee shifts, manage their calendars, and request time off. A major benefit of Hot Schedules is that it helps restaurant owners and managers easily organize employee schedules.

Though the list above contains five apps, you can explore a lot more similar ones that are easily available on app marketplaces. If you want to get a business app developed, contact Algo works, one of the best mobile app development companies!

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