Company Secretary (CS)

Company Secretary (CS)

by Deepak Kumar 15-Oct-18

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What is a Company Secretary?

The company secretary (CS) is the senior position and an official representative of the company whose main job is to communicate between the shareholders, owners, and directors.

The job scope in CS is very large and one can work in both the private and government sectors. Large corporate and multi-national companies offer a huge salary package for the CS post. Normally, A CS helps in running the company smoothly.

How to become a CS?

The Institute of company secretaries of India (ICSI) conducts the exam that consists of 3 stages. This exam is conducted twice in a year, June and December. These 3 stages are as follows:

a) Foundation Programme

b) Executive Programme

c) Professional Programme

So, if anyone wants to become a CS then he/she should complete these stages, for more detail, please visit the official website: -

Duration and Eligibility:


The Duration of all the 3 Programs are as follows:

Foundation Program
8 Months
Executive Program
9 Months
Professional Program
10 Months

After this, one has to undergo for the practical training in a company consists of 15 months.


1) One can go for the foundation program after competing for 10+2 pass or equivalent for the science, arts (except fine arts) or commerce.

2) Executive Program can be pursued after graduation from any bachelor degree.

3) Professional Program can only proceed after completing the above two programs.

Job responsibilities of a CS:

a) Manage the entire database.

b) Implements the new procedures and administrative systems.

c) Typing and preparing the reports.

d) Maintaining and arranging the appointments.

e) Continue updates the records held by the company.

f) Managing records like Investments, property, payroll, and insurance.

g) Managing the taxation detail like VAT, PAYE, and Corporation Tax.

h) Sign the official documents on behalf of the company.

Career Prospects in CS:

There are immense benefits of doing CS Course, they are as follows:

1) Since you will get the depth knowledge of all the programs so you can get the straight entry into the corporate world if you pursued this course.

2) You can get direct entry into the multinational companies if you completed this course successfully.

3) There is a huge demand for CS and also has scope for practicing as an independent professional.

4) You can work in both private and government companies.

5) You have also the opportunity to work in banks.

6) One can also work in Financial Institutions, stock exchange and the bureau of the public.

Salary Package of CS:

Salary mainly depends on the following factors:

1) Salary mainly depends on the capabilities, capacities, and performance of a person during the interview.

2) For fresher, salary package is around 3-5 lakhs/annum and it goes increase with the experience.

3) In the large corporate and multi-national companies, they offer to attract huge packages ranging from 25 lakhs to 1 crore.


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