Guidelines for Result-Oriented Resume

Guidelines for Result-Oriented Resume

by Pooja Khurana

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A high-quality resume can make a colossal contrast. Nowadays resume writing has turned out to be critical in view of an outrageous division of work and territories of specialization. Businesses are dependably on the search for the determination of experts for particular occupations.

It's a greater amount of a craftsmanship and less of mechanical organization. Keeping in mind the end goal to land a position, one need to pass different snags and resume is the first as well as the hugest one. There are various tips that we ought to consider while making a resume.


1) Try to limit your resume in maybe a couple pages. Exact it since employers regularly skim resumes. So make it a 30 second individual business.
2) Sentences ought to start with Action verbs. Deeds talk louder than words.
3) It ought to speak to the requirements of potential managers.
4) Make a crude rundown of your encounters, exercises, accomplishments, courses (counting summer employments), temporary jobs, volunteer works and so on. This will in the long run help you in drawing an outcome arranged resume.
5) If overestimation isn't right, so is underestimation. Try not to undercut yourself.
6) List your specialized learning in a composed way. Your specialized qualities must emerge strikingly toward the start of your resume.
7) Stick to the past tense while depicting your past experience or obligations of past employment.
8) Use white or grayish paper.
9) Print out at one side of the page.
10) Use standard size paper i.e. A4 estimate sheet.
11) Have a laser or excellent print.
12) Stick to the text dimension from 10 to 14.
13) Choose one typeface and adhere to that.
14) Run a spell check on your PC before anybody looks at it.
15) Proofread your resume over and over to get the shrouded mistakes.
16) Send your resume in a huge envelope.
17) If you are to fax it, set fax on "fine" or 'super fine'. Continuously send unique, not a photograph expressed one.
18) Make beyond any doubt that you send your resume to the ideal individual.


1) Avoid enlivening sort faces.
2) Avoid sparkling and bright page.
3) Avoid over the top italics, scripts and underlining.
4) Avoid even or vertical lines.
5) Avoid representation and shadings.
6) Avoid collapsing.
7) Avoid too light or dim printing.
8) Avoid specifying your age, conjugal status, well being, insignificant honors and so forth purposelessly.

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