Use of Just, yet, still, already

Use of Just, yet, still, already

by Pooja Khurana 24-Feb-17

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These words are regularly utilized with the present perfect tense albeit yet, still and already can all be utilized with different tenses.

a) Just
"Just" is generally utilized with the present perfect or past perfect tense and it signifies 'a brief span prior'. "Just" can be utilized as a part of certifiable and interrogative sentences. 'Only' can be replaced with 'just' when it is utilized as an adverb.

I'have just observed Susan leaving the silver screen.

Have you just taken my file?
Have you just called her?
I have just finished my lunch.
I had just finished my dinner.
I had just seen him outside.

b) Yet
"Yet" is utilized to discuss something which is relied upon to happen. It signifies 'whenever up to now'. It is utilized as a part of inquiries and negatives.

Have you completed your project yet?
I haven't completed it yet.I'll do it after supper.
She hasn't washed her clothes yet.

"Yet" as a rule comes toward the finish of the sentence.
"Yet" is once in a while utilized as a part of certifiable sentences, yet when it is utilized, it infers a negative.

I have yet to read "The Screat" Book" but most likely I read it soon.

c) Still
"Still" is utilized to discuss something that hasn't completed - particularly when we anticipated that it would complete prior.

I've been sitting tight for 60 minutes and the train still hasn't come.
You guaranteed to give me that file yesterday and still you haven't bought it.
I still have your watch that you gifted me.

"Still" as a rule comes in 'mid-position'
Still is regularly utilized with different tenses and in addition the present perfect.

Is it accurate to say that you are still working in the bookshop?
Mike is still doing his project.
She is still washing the clothes.

"Still" requires the utilization or Progressive structures, aside from the verbs be, have and verbs of essential perception or when you need to demonstrate a continual circumstance (HABIT).

He still goes for morning walk in the park.
He still goes to M.G. market for shopping.

d) Already
"Already" is utilized to state that something has happened early  or sooner than it may have happened.

I've already spent so much money on my treatment.
The preparation for annual function is already done.
I have already done my project.

She has already washed the clothes.
"Already" for the most part comes in mid-position.


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