Adjective guide for a Grammar Learners

Adjective guide for a Grammar Learners

by Pooja Khurana 27-Oct-16

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Adjective means to describe noun and pronoun or you can say adjectives can add new meaning to noun or pronoun.

Example: He dropped the Hot Plate.

In Above Example : hot is adjective and plate is noun.

List of Adjectives: Common Adjectives

some, any
oral, verbal
few, a few, the few
small, large
less, lesser
good, bad
little, a little, the little
elder, younger
first, last
each, every
new, old
all, whole

Types of Adjectives

Adjectives can be categorized into 3 types:

1) Attributive adjectives: Adjectives before the noun are called ATTRIBUTIVE adjectives. In other words these type of adjectives are use to discuss attributes.

Example: The red carpet.

red is an adj. before Noun carpet. Here red describe the attribute of carpet.

2) Predicative adjectives: Adjective after the noun are called PREDICATIVE adjectives. In other words a predicate adjective is it modifies the subject of the sentence.

Example: The Carpet is red.

In this example, "red" is what modifies the subject, "the carpet" and is connected to the subject by what is known as a linking verb.

3) Nominal adjectives: These type of adjectives share some of the characteristics of nouns and some of the characteristics of adjectives. Comparative and superlative forms also be a nominal adjectives.

Example: Radha is older than Seema

Note: Older or oldest is used for the persons who do not belong to the same family.

Adjective Questions

1. Which? :

English language is an international language.

– Which
language is an international language? English

2. What? :

Alisha hear a True story.

– What kind story Alisha hear? True

True is an adjective modifying the noun story?

3. How many? :

Dazy ate three apples.

– How many apples dazy ate? Three

Here Three is an adjective modifying the noun Apple.

4. Whose?

He find Alisha's book.

– Whose book? Alisha's

Alisha’s is an adjective telling us more about the noun book.

These examples will help you to learn more:

1. My elder sister is a lecturer.
2. Many students are absent today.
3. Will you have some milk?
4. My income is less than yours.
5. He comes to me every
6. Lalita lives nearest to the office.
7. There are enough Kiwis in the basket.
8. I can speak on either
9. What is the latest news?

People lives in this house.


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